Here is a specific example of what Angie talked about in her blog posting about Nordstrom earlier this week.

"...there are far more items where the fit is problematic, the fabric inferior, and the construction sub-par...." "

This light blue sweater just arrived. The brand is 1901 which I believe is a Nordstrom brand. $79 US. The knit fabric is 38% viscose, 35% nylon, 22% merino wool, 5% alpaca. The "hand" of the knit feels like lower quality than sweaters I see in places like H&M for less than half the price. This feels like the type of knit that will stretch out badly after one wearing and perhaps be ruined after just one washing. Back it goes. (I guess this also falls under the header of "poor quality sweaters" which we talk about on the forum quite a bit. ) I tried a 1901 skirt last spring which didn't fit, so I didn't get to see how the fabric held up, but it felt pretty good. In conclusion, 1901 is inconsistent.

Also, several months ago I bought this Alex Mill sweatshirt in yellow. It was a top pick. It's not a Nordstrom brand, but if they are selling it they should be checking the quality first. As I wrote on the forum, I spilled something on it and when I tried to clean it found it was not colorfast. I guess I don't expect Nordstrom to try washing everything they sell, but it's still discouraging.