First of all, thank you so much for your helpful comments and questions on yesterday's thread. I will definitely come back with some answers after I have thought things over a bit more. But in the meantime, Deborah's post about her "essential 8" raised for me, one of the key issues that I have been struggling with: REAL vs. ASPIRATIONAL style.

Deb's esential 8 -- now, don't they make sense for her? And don't they, together, create some very cool and interesting looking outfits? Well, I think they do, anyway.

As for me, my REAL "Top 10" for winter is nothing like that at all, and, quite frankly, couldn't be, given my lifestyle.

My list:

Puffer coat (please also include scarf, mitts, hats as part of this item since they always accompany one another and can't really be viewed as "accessories.")

Wears so far: 40

Snow boots: 30

Weather-ready moto boots: 30

Wool or cashmere turtleneck: (I actually have these in several key neutrals, so divide my wears, but overall have worn 28 times since September).

Oversized or extra fluid pullover: Again, I have several of these. The one that gets the most wear is not available in Finds. I got it last year -- it's in the photos. I don't show it often on the forum. Hectically oversized, it got mixed reviews when I debuted it here. But I knew I would wear it a lot, and boy, was I right. I wear this the way some people wear loungewear. It has had 36 wearsso far since September.

Overall, the oversized/ extra fluid fit pullovers have been worn 67 times.

Skinny jean: In this category, I have a lot. But, in my defence, I wear a lot. My CoH Racers alone have seen 25 wears so far since late September. Overall, my various pairs of skinny jeans have had 90 wears since late September. This is why one or two pair are really not enough for me.

A warm shirt: Again, I have a couple. They've been worn about 20 times together.

A cardigan: Another "loungewear" staple for at home. I have 3 oversized ones that together have seen 55 wears.

Upscale trackpant: Mine again are "loungewear" and very useful. I never had a pair before but I enjoy them. They rarely get worn out, although they do fit well enough to be dressed up should the day require it. They've had 21 wears since October.

Now. Ask me which of these pieces would be in my ASPIRATIONALwardrobe. That's a whole other question.

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