Warning...you might need a good cuppa for this post and the ones that will follow later this week and next. Or, you might just want to exit now before you get sucked into the saga.

This is Part 1 in a series. (Yup, it is that bad, folks...)

Where I'm at
2014 was the year of the working wardrobe — the first time in my life that I actually owned enough clothes and the right clothes to make interesting and fun-for-me outfits on a regular basis. It was also the first year that upcoming events didn't send me into a tailspin of panic about what to wear.

(Pause for a moment of profound thanks to Angie and YLF.)

But — I now have a wardrobe this is a little larger and a little less focused than I think is my ideal.

I might be wrong about the size, of course. And there’s really only one way to find out. So I've been tracking my wears since mid-September to get a clearer picture. I have 87 pieces in my late fall/ winter/early spring closet -- not counting gear, undies, coats, footwear, bags.

My calculations so far reveal that I'm wearing all but special occasion wear and one or two other pieces (a subject we'll return to later in this series, heheh). But obviously some get worn much more often than others. And that seems pertinent.

Meanwhile, there is the issue of focus.

In 2012 I followed Angie's advice to write down words that described the (then current) style along with my aspirational style.

2012 current words:

Budget conscious

2012 Aspirational words

(and sometimes) Edgy

I think the only parts of that aspirational style I achieved (eventually) were coherence and comfort, with a dash of clean (thanks to use of white, especially with blue) and effortless (thanks to fluid fits.)

Here's an update:

2014 Current style:


Aspirational style:


This shows me that I'm happy with the core of my style and don't need a complete overhaul. (Yay!)

I'm re-posting some favourite outfits from last year, along with a few regular "everyday" outfits.

I guess my question for this phase of the exploration is what you notice about my current style and whether those descriptive adjectives make sense? Have I missed anything important?

Thank you -- and stay tuned for Part 2. (If you can bear it.)

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