Help me out Fabbers I realize the one hole in my wardrobe is everyday-mom friendly clothing. I have a three year old. He get dirty. He wants to be outdoors 24/7 and I need to be with him. So I’m wondering what ideas you all have for me. Or suggestions. I realize these young years won’t last forever. But it feels challenging. I tend towards to bombshell and sensual/bohemian styles. But I don’t really love the idea of scouring the toilet in my best skirt and cashmere sweater. And yet jeans and a T-shirt feels so uninspiring and dull. I work from home part time. I cook and clean for my husband and little one. It’s great but it can feel mundane.

I take time for self care and get out when I can. (I don’t get out tons; it’s too hard to keep up with the day if i’m gone to lots of mom dates or outings.) It feels like I have to choose between mom rags or wearing beautiful clothes and having them stained, snagged, etc in the line of duty. Does that make sense? Do I just need to get over it? Past times I’ve kept kept clothes so nice that I ended up getting rid of them because I never wore through them out and grew bored. Essentially, I am learning to live life more in my clothes and worry less about wearing them out. (It’s an abundance mindset issue for me.)

For winter/cold I have:

Plaid quarter/half circle skirt (recently purchased, tend to reserve for church or lunch dates)
Skinny jeans
Lysse moto leggings (I generally reserve more for church wear)

Embroidered pin tucked black chiffon blouse
Chambray shirt
Denim shirt
Dolman sleeve grey sweatshirt
Grey brewery T-shirt (my only tee ha!)

Two chiffon kimonos for toppers (not sure why, not warm at all lol)
Grey and purple fair isle vest with shawl collar
Smoke mauve Sherpa yarn short, fitted vest

Plum knit fit ‘n’ flare mohair dress with dolman sleeves
Black cowl neck sweater dress, mid thigh (bored with it tbh; I’ve worn it tons the last 3 winters)
Floral kimono/flutter sleeve maxi dress (tend to reserve for church or lunch dates)
Polka dot dress, short summer weight, I’ve listed it in case I could/should use it more than summer wear.
Small capsule of fitness gear for weightlifting and outdoor walks.

3 or 4 pairs of black patterned tights (pin dot, brocade, matte)

Shoes... socks (indoors) or snow boots (outdoors) due to long, snowy mountain winters. Occasionally oxford booties, velvet booties, or knee height leather boots with stacked heel. Depends on the weather. We get 2-3 months of summer before cold and winter kicks in for the rest of the year.

I also realize posting more outfits for feedback would be helpful. I’m working on that. But any thoughts? What am I missing? I am a knitter and am currently knitting myself two vintage style sweaters. I feel jeans and sweaters could be my “uniform.” But even that feels like I’m boxing myself in. Fashion is my personal expression.

Whatcha think??