Has anyone tried on the Everlane Oversized blazer? I would like to add some non black and I love the b&w herringbone (b&w, gray, b,w,gray pattern or weave) and I need an oversized blazer to throw over layers. I did buy the everlane cocoon coat in size 6 which is super oversized for me but it's for over heavy layers, suit, jacket etc - although it's fine with nothing. I can't decide if I should order a size 4 or 6. I was going to make the determination on shoulder to shoulder fit but cs does not have this info. I need a size 8 in theory, smythe, VB for the shoulders and back, although I'm not an IT. I'm 5'3", 113, 34A slim rectangle. Has anyone tried it on? and if so are you close enough in size to help me decide?

ETA: Review: So I just received the blazer in herringbone in two sizes 6&4. My size for reference is as above. First, the quality of the blazer is excellent for the price point. Non scratchy wool, soft and warm but light so an excellent three season purchase - 4 if the summer day is coolish, fully lined, working buttons on sleeve and functioning inner and outer breast pockets and outer flap pockets. Only complaint - cheap plastic buttons. Why have functional sleeve buttons but cheap out on the buttons themselves? I'll never get it. But the functional inside breast pocket, not that I will use it, is a luxe upgrade as are the working sleeve buttons. Designer details and a very low moderate price point. I have a huge love of oversized which is why I tried on the 6 as well as the 4. You absolutely must size down. The 4 fits well in the shoulders, sleeves will accommodate layers but are not too wide for the style and arm hole set is perfect to accept layers. Not too high and not too low. The body is boxy but that is the style. There is plenty of oversized room in the body at the lower size but the structure and clean fit of the shoulders keeps it deliberate and flattering. The construction is well designed because of the low stance and two button style allows the jacket to be worn buttoned like a short blazer tunic or over a mini like a blazer coat dress, which is a style I wear frequently. It looks just as good open. If you are looking for a true boyfriend blazer at an excellent price point, ethically and transparently made, I highly recommend it. Also comes in black.