I've been S@H for nearly a month now, with only trips out weekly-ish for groceries/needed supplies for myself and my parents. The other night I had a nostalgic dream about browsing the shelves at Target! I've also watched a lot of QVC - not a completely new habit for me, but definitely more hours than I used to. I miss being able to browse in person. Even when I've gone out at the grocery/hardware store I feel rushed and anxious, definitely not the same experience as before.

I've held off buying anything online for now but it seems like the delivery services and warehouses have mostly caught up from the big rush in late March. So I'm starting to think about what I've found would be useful to have in our current circumstances. Clothing-wise I'm in pretty good shape, although I'd love to find a light wash pair of jeans with a loose fit that works for me - I've been looking for that each summer for the past three years!

Around Christmas I ordered two pairs of "everyday sneakers" and they've proven really handy for my new at-home life. I really can't go shoeless or stay in most slippers for very long; it makes my plantar fasciitis act up. I think I need to add more in this category. The NB ones I bought are in Finds; they look great but are somewhat underwhelming support-wise; the Adidas (

https://www.adidas.com/us/clou.....X0377.html ) are more cushy and supportive but the light color gets dirty easily. I've also got a couple pairs of older Naturalizer slip-on sneakers but I'm finding them not as comfortable as they used to be. It could be them getting older, but I think I really prefer a lace-up (or faux-lace-up bungie) style to keep them from slipping around on my foot these days. I think I need to add a gray pair and a navy/blue pair to my 'stable' - I'm considering the Skechers here (https://www.qvc.com/Skechers-G.....ml?sc=SRCH) or maybe trying Allbirds Tree runners; Sal's pair looks really cute on her. Anyone have a pair they'd recommend?

I'm thinking of ordering some masks - my mom and I made a bunch to give to family, neighbors, and a local hospice that needed some for visitors. We kept a few for ourselves but are completely out of elastic now. The bookstore where I work considered trying to reopen a bit next week (which I thought was too early myself given our location/current infection rate) but the county they're in extended the SIP order through the 29th. When we go back to work, though, I'll likely need a few for work and running errands, and having several might be nice for laundering purposes, especially if I'm wearing them all day and not just an hour or two at the grocery.

There's a lot of discounts happening at retailers right now, but I'm not finding that very motivating. Ironically, I've been saving money the last month having not needed to buy gas to get to work, and curtailing all purchases except food. Anyone else thinking about future orders or what they might need soon?