ETA my brief evaluation of the wardrobe is included down thread.

I am starting to plan my work travel capsule for a two week work trip to France and The Netherlands for the first two weeks of June. Generally business casual, with most days being long work days with committee working group meetings and one invited talk at a university. Suppers often out with committee members, but generally wearing the same clothes as during the work day. Only one day off during the trip. Three travel days where I am likely wearing jeans. No time for sightseeing. No dressy occasions, other than meals at excellent restaurants. I have my fingers crossed for a shopping afternoon/evening in Amsterdam the day before I leave. 

The items in finds are what I'm currently planning on taking. I plan to have only a carry on. I am debating on whether to bring the green dress and whether to substitute the Boden floral skirt with a pair of pants. The find with the pomegranate skirt also includes the cream shell I will be bringing. Any thoughts about what I'm missing or what I can skip? I have a small wardrobe that is almost all in finds (except shoes, jewelry, and scarves) so missing items would likely need to be purchased. 

For my invited talk I will either wear the green dress or one of the pencil skirts with the navy blazer.

For shoes I am planning on navy sandals (in finds) and a pair of cream flat sandals (Euro style?) that I hope to find this weekend. Plus my running sneakers and running gear. I won't have room to add more shoes.

Jewelry to be determined once item selection is finalized.

Also, any shopping suggestions for Amsterdam?