Hi all, I always love the essentials evaluation! This year, I feel my essentials may be in flux ... this may or may not be lockdown related (I always have a stay-at-home lifestyle, but the lack of any kind of outing certainly makes a difference.

So I am coming out of this more with questions than answers, and I will try to bring an attitude of curiousity to my essentials in 2021. Feedback always welcome!

Here's my 2020 essentials list, with my thoughts re: 2021 ...

  • fine-knit, body-skimming sweaters in dark neutrals/nearly neutrals (black, ink/navy, burgundy) - These are my least-worn items at the moment, for reasons of comfort, function and lifestyle ... I favour non-basic t-shirts and tops with colour this fall/winter, and plan to keep this in mind for future purchasing.
  • dark wash jeans in a straight fit and mid-high rise. - My one pair that fits the bill is no more essential than my ponte pants have been based on wear ... and my new soft joggers are already in contention. Jeans basically seem like 'dressy' items currently (my kids were right I guess ha!)
  • silver hoops, Fitbit watch, Tiffany olive branch bracelet (needs repair), bird necklace - The bracelet still needs repair! The other items are accurate. I think my layering necklaces are more subtle statement than essential, although I wear them frequently
  • dark neutral puffer - Yep.
  • neutral striped t-shirts - I still like my striped tops, but not sure they are essentials - I wear them when I feel like a pop of contrast - subtle statement?
  • belt with silver hardware - Belts are not being worn this year *nibbles maple cream cookie with morning tea*
  • black flat/low-heel shoes/booties - Yep.
  • fluid tees in neutral shades (navy, blush) (summer) - I suspect this will be the same.
  • white jeans/shorts (summer) - Ditto above.
  • white flats (Birkenstocks or sneakers) (summer) - Ditto above.
Possible Additions/Shifts for 2021:
  • Black soft non-gear pants may replace or at least join jeans as essential items.
  • Non-basic "one and one" (i.e. a little more polished and non-boxy that can stand alone and still look good) t-shirts in neutral and 'nearly neutral' shades (things like soft deep wine, soft deep green, etc.) may replace the fine knits.

Thanks for reading this rather long pondering session! Looking forward to reading everyone else's essentials musings!