I struggled with defining my essentials each time this comes up, but had an a-ha moment with the idea that it was something that you look to replace if a current item is worn out. I keep a small wardrobe of mix and match items within two small color palette (burgundy/rust and olive/teal) that are bridged together with navy (and a smidgen of cream). While I don’t wear an essential item every day, I realized that it is my navy and denim pieces that are my glue that I combine with my love of florals, drapey pieces with movement, variety of toppers, scarves and necklaces, and colorful shoes.

My core pieces that are always in my wardrobe and that make everything else functional are:

- navy sweaters, short sleeves, and 3/4 sleeves in knits, typically with a scoop or v-neck
-navy pants and jeans in boot-cut, straight or cropped lengths
-navy knit dresses (sheath, shift, of varying weights)
-dark denim skirt
- navy flats/low heels
-navy wool coat

I wear burgundy as a neutral, but is where I bring in more interest, so probably only a burgundy 3/4 length knit top is an essential.

Floral tops and scarves are an “essential” component of my style and where I bring in some on-trend options, but each of these are unique and I define them as statement and completer pieces.