When I'm posting here, it's often my trendier looks. But the recent discussion of essentials has given me to wonder: do I have a baseline?

I've decided that yes, I do:

Jeans and more jeans: While I have been slow to abandon skinny jeans entirely, I'm constantly tweaking my jeans selection in terms of rise, shape and wash, moving a little wider but not shapeless. Mostly I am into blues and blacks.

Knitwear: I wear a sweater most days, unless it's summer time. I have a wide rainbow of sweaters, including both crewnecks and cardigans. I am preferring shorter to cropped lengths, or tucked in thinner knits, rather than wearing them out at hip length.

Booties: the most heavily represented type of shoe for me. Lots of colors, ranging from refined to the black and white combats I'm favoring for dead of winter.

Lingerie: always matching sets.

Out and about: I work from home, so this is where I fit in my statement pieces. I looove fancy coats and blazers. And I've had a bit of a resurgence in dresses and skirts.

What am I predicting for 2019: I'm particularly on a kick for cropped cardigans with silk camisoles lately, either with jeans or with skirts. I also like intarsia knits with slogan phrases. I had decided a while ago that, neutrals-wise, I was going to abandon black in favor of navy, which looks better on me. However, I am finding a lot of black creeping back into my wardrobe lately, as well as a bit of camel, and it's not bad at all.

ETA - some finds