I may as well copy my essentials from 2017 and add on Utility Jackets. I am starting to realize that part of my look is consistency.

Long Sleeved in Winter, Three Quarter Sleeved in Spring and Fall and Short Sleeved in Summer.

T-Shirts are cotton, scoop neck or crew neck, form-fitting and can be worn tucked or not. I will often duplicate the exact same T-shirt when I find one I like. The colours are earth tones or cream.

Denim Shirt
I have one and would like another.

High Waisted straight legged full-length jeans. I currently have a mid blue and dark blue pair.
Boyfriend jeans. I need a pair of these.

Denim Jacket
I have one of these. I would like another that was more fitted and a lighter colour.

Utility Jackets
I have two. One is short and boxy and the other is longer and fitted.

I have an assortment of cardigans for all seasons. They are button up, hip length in earth tones. Winter ones are cashmere (I would like an alpaca one) and non-winter ones are cotton. One winter cardigan has a zipper and hood. (Maybe it is a hoodie).


Comfort Sandals

Chelsea Boots
I have 2 pairs.

Combat Boots


Classic shapes in earth tones that don't date.
Trench Coat
Theory Coat

Gold Wedding Ring
Mixed Metal Watch
Brown Leather Belt