ok, i'm procrastinating this morning....really don't feel like doing my housework. so instead i thought go thru my outfit photo's and see if the essentials i listed on Angie's post where really the essentials.... i have documented 48 outfits this year....

my orginal list
~shiny shoes; worn in 20 outfits
~long sleeve knits; worn in 16 outfits
~blazers; worn in 12 outfits
~ponte pants; worn in 12 outfits
~black/navy pants; worn in 24 outfits

looking back at my list now, i realize that it was very geared towards work. so i'd add girlfriend jeans and black booties (seasonal)to the list.

6 outfits had none of my essentials--and looking back at them they were my least successful and/or the outfits that brought the least amount of happiness.