Spring shopping planning time

I'm revisiting the hummingbird bag, and thinking I should have lighter shoes to with it.

One possibility is the Gizeh's below- too much going on with the bag?

Second possibility is plain gold Gizeh's- which would be the most useful and practical.

Another idea is espadrille sandals with cream/beige/tan. Maybe a low wedge heel. They haven't exactly had longevity in my closet, cause they're easy to ruin. I wear sandals exclusively 6+ months of the year (and often part time all but Jan and Feb) though, so burn through them anyway!

Burgundy low heeled slide sandals are on the wishlist, but nothing in the shops yet. They'd match the bag handle and most of my wardrobe. There's always a HEWI....

Not shoe related, but considering adding a linen skirt to go with the bag too. Olive crops will be on the way as well.