I mentioned on today's blog post that my new J.Crew wide cropped jeans bag out. But it's not that bad, and I will absolutely continue wearing them with a smile on my face - like I did Saturday night when we hosted a dinner party at home. I combined the new wide cropped jeans with a fluid black short sleeved T-neck (wardrobe essential) and new red loafers. I really enjoyed wearing the outfit - felt FRESH - and Greg loved it too. You really do need to get used to wearing wide crops - but when you're over the hurdle, it's FUN.

My new red loafers are SOOO comfy, so I've ordered the white (another essential in the white). Happy feet.

I'd have added my red chain handle bag if I'd needed it, but I was at home. Wore my pearl ring, watch and pearl bracelet for bling. Here are the exact items in Finds.

*We haven't been able to do outfit posts this year because we have a lot going on. So every so often, I'm keeping you posted with an outfit update like this so that you know that I do practice what I preach.