If any of you are sitting on the fence re: wearability and flattery of the infamous EF harems, I am here to tell you to abandon all of your fears and go for it.

I received a pair from the wonderful Ms Ummlila earlier this week, and finally summoned up the courage to try them on today. I bought an XS, and they are FANTASTIC. Easy to pull on, beautiful and drapey yet substantial-enough jersey, POCKETS, and DO NOT look like saggy baggy diaper pants. I have tried on some that do, and these absolutely don't have that look. The crotch point is not really visible - and they look almost like a really interesting longer skirt.

I haven't yet put together an outfit with them, but my first wearing will likely be with a fitted and structured blazer and drapey tank. And as high a heel as I can. I cannot get over how different they are from what I imagined, and my only regret is not getting them sooner. Once I have my fall sweater game figured out, that will be my other look. I'd also love to find the sweater the model in the finds pic is wearing - although it's not referenced on The Rack's page and I have no idea what it is.

A final note: I've gone back to lots of blonde in my hair after two miserable months of literally cringing every time I looked in the mirror. I didn't hew to the short-hair rule (either have a statement cut or statement colour - and if you can do both - even better) and boy did I learn a lesson