Hi All,

For the first time I have been tracking my wears.  I have found if more fun than I thought it would be.

It has been over 12 weeks, and here are my realisations:

  1. The numbers don't tell the whole story.   I may have worn my blush lace ups only five times in three months, but when I needed them I really needed them (and didn't have another option).  They were worn for important work meetings, a funeral, and dinners out.
  2. I should not worry too much about gear - my approximately one in, one out system is working well.  It gets a lot of use - even over a three month period where I have been sick three times and had more time off exercise than usual, most of the pieces are in the 10-40 range of wears.  I don't need more though -as I don't have laundry bottlenecks.
  3. I have worn out a few workhorses this month - a black long sleeve tee, black gauchos, three pieces of gear - but I am not planning to exactly replace them.  I am slowly reducing my reliance on black
  4. I go through phases when I wear an item three times in a week, then put it aside for a month or so.  So don't make decisions too quickly that something isn't working.  
  5.  Why did it take me so long to buy hard wearing lug sole practical boots?  My brown lace ups have had 27 wears in 12 weeks (plus at least 10 prior to me starting tracking....)

Looking ahead

I haven't changed my style direction, but have a slightly less classic hairstyle.  

I am still trying to use a 5 Piece French wardrobe approach and have already added a couple of spring summer pieces this year.  The first three finds below are the ones I have already added to the spring/summer five piece list.


  1. New swimsuit - one or two - I have ordered the two below from a NZ retailer - hopefully one works.  My swimsuits are either feeling wrong or on the verge of wearing out across my four existing pieces.
  2. White shorts or summer pants - ideally I would like white sailor flares - but open to shorts or a different style.  My white denim cut off shorts were a workhorse last summer....
  3. Running shoes - already replaced.
  4. Easy summer dress - something for the beach or hot nights or casual weekends.


  1. Bright coloured sandals or slides (I have my neutrals covered)
  2. Top or skirt or dress to go with the above
I would really like kelly green - but am also open to yellow or cobalt....  I do like the finds below but am looking locally.

My Do not buy or Resist list is

  1. Party dresses - I added four in 2021 and just do not need any more!!  When I say party - I mean non-work, from bbq to dinners out to parties to weddings....  
  2. Sneakers (I have four casual non gear sneakers - this is plenty for my needs)
  3. Toppers -  I have a good collection across casual and dressy, long and short - I don't think I need more!
I do plan to do the wardrobe switcheroo over the next couple of weeks - but am planning a trip down South in October where I could well need winter clothes still... But I am feeling the pull of spring blouses right now.....

Thanks for reading!

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