Hi All

So I have started a end of seasonal style tips list. In a nutshell I am making notes about anything regarding my style this spring/summer that worked, did not work, or what I would like to try in 2022. This may seem a bit too long term but I am going to store it away in my laptop until next year when I break out the Spring/summer clothes. I decided to share this when I read Kellygirl's thread Fickle Fall where she commented that it often takes her a while to get into her style groove at the beginning of a season. Well I have exactly the same story. And to make matters worse for me spring and fall are so short that I just feel like I am finding my groove and it is over.

So instead of re-wearing outfits that were just Meh the previous year (because I have forgotten they were Meh) I am making a list. Good outfits (ones that make me feel like me), Meh outfits/items, any other points eg: that sleeveless knit I had forgotten that was so great - remember to wear it in spring with a Tee under it (as recommended by KKards) and in Summer with a cami, those poly dresses that I thought were too warm for mid-summer and when I actually wore one remembered they had cool and soft linings that work in the heat (Duh, they worked in Africa!). Another example, I have been thinking about outfits with oversized mens shirts (ever since Greyscale posted one and looked fabulous in it) and I realised DH has quite a number that he is not wearing - cotton in shades of denim, cotton ones from India and beautiful colors - Hello these are sitting in the closet! So making notes to remember to try make outfits with those. And many more ideas that I won't bore you with further that will help me get a stylish result more early into the season.

Do any of you make this type of a list? Could it be helpful?