Regarding my post on the 10-item wardrobe, it was brought to my attention this was essentially the same thing as creating different capsules. For some reason, I have railed at the idea of a mix-and-match capsule, mostly because I thought it would be impossible to create without going out and buying it all at once. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and the knowledge that pants and skirts often need different types of tops was really getting me stuck.

In general, I'm quite happy with my casual look but my volunteer clothing choices were seriously depressing me. I've been at Dress For Success for almost a year now and can you believe that I *almost* wanted to quit because I just can't seem to feel like myself in their dress code? I still have not figured out my work outfit mojo after a year!

Looking at my wardrobe, I decided that I had accumulated too MANY work clothes. Yes you heard me right. After all I only work one day a week. I dug into the YLF archives over the weekend and read all of Angie's posts on small work capsules and was energized to make one out of what I already had. I chose one pair of pants, one skirt, four or five tops, two printed cardigans and a blazer in neutrals that layer and work together. That left a few pencil skirts that I put aside for spring/summer. Now the real work comes because I have to try on these combinations and make sure they really do look good together. I will report back on that.

Here's the amazing thing. Do you know what was left? Oh, just about 10-12 items of decent clothes that are in current rotation for my everyday life. So by separating out my work clothes, I discovered that I already had, and was wearing, a 10-item wardrobe. Heh. That's better than having correct change at the supermarket! So it's not like I can't mix the capsules up, I mean, that's the way they were before, but somehow the separation clarified things for me and the solution was right under my nose the whole time. I just had to stop shopping for a minute to find it!

Photo1 business casual capsule
Photo 2 everyday capsule
Photos 3-10 biz casual ideas

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