It's kind of amazing how drastically and quickly our eyes can change on a look. Last week I started taking a hard look at Elizabeth Suzann's clothes. I'd seen them here and there on the interwebs for a while, but hadn't really ever looked deeper, mostly because of the price tag. Having a bit of a treat yoself moment, I looked at some of her less expensive items and decided to buy one to try. As I'm looking over her offerings, I distinctly remember thinking, ugh, all her pants have an elastic waist, how unflattering!

Then I saw a couple of pictures where I kind of liked the look of the pants, so I started digging further. My first glance made me think I only liked them on slim figures, but as I dug I found many ES fans, who weren't particularly slim, wearing the pants superbly. After two days of looking at them, I started really really liking them. But that price tag!

Here's a pile of pins with the pants.

After reading a bit more, it looks like they're test driving a new, canvas fabric for the pants, in part because the current twill is prone to pilling. That's enough to cool my jets. But when those canvas pants are released, I'm going to be sorely tempted to try them.

I poked around a few more places, thinking I can get elastic waisted pants from a zillion different retailers, at every price point, but the higher waist and interesting pocket on the ES pant just makes my heart pitter patter. Crazy thoughts from a short, apple? What do you think? I've done a complete 180 in one week. Wonder what I'll think next week?

And, in case you missed it, Elizabeth Suzann doesn't allow for refunds, only returns for credit, so it's a commitment straight out of the gate.