Should have connected this to Angie's spring shopping tips but here are some EF pants (via Garnet Hill, no Find) I am trying on. Attracted to pleats, waist, and fabric--fabric is a smooth, crisp (to start) Tencel-linen blend. Advertised as longer in stride and high waist but they barely hit MY waist haha!
They are "boxier" than what would be most flattering but that also lets them hang straight and not creep up legs. I can also hear the pant-length issues--they could be hemmed but then would have to be re-tapered as well. I am a bit of a renegade in that I tolerate "longer ankle pants" though for that I wear a lower-vamped shoe so some top of foot will always show. Also with these pants being wider-legged, they are more schtumpy if shorter. My environmental norm is lengths all over the place, all kinds of shoes and sock combinations.
Drawbacks are that the backwaist is elastic, not a finished waistband with darts, so that the back view is kinda JFE, and no belt loops. I generally eschew no-loop pants that want belts because belt will ride up in back, and so for these a belt would cover the back elastic if it would stay put.. For these I might be stimulated to try to add some unobtrusive floss (?) loops if I could find the right stuff.
Shown with 3 tucked tops and one boxy untucked top.

Comments and suggestions, Y/N welcomed.

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