One of Angie's picks from NAS 2014 was this Eileen Fisher leather sleeve lambswool jacket I have loved it from the moment I saw it but even with NAS pricing (combined with Nordstrom shipping and customs), it was too rich for my blood.

my eBay seller has sent me a message that she has one available in
Petite Medium and would I be interested. Yes...she and I now have that kind of relationship The price is more than affordable and hubby has given the thumbs up.

So my question to you wise wonderful women - is this something you could see me in or do I just have EF "love goggles" on? And if you think it's worth trying, is the Petite Medium the right size? I know that it runs large (as do most EF items in my experience). For reference my EF dresses are all Petite Medium.

Yay = worth trying
Nay = not right for me