Bit late here. I won’t comment on the individual items but I’d be a bit careful of getting rid of things just because you haven’t worn them yet this Spring/summer. We are all experiencing some changes. Hopefully not permanent.

Whoa too many interesting comments too early in the morning. I have a lot of shoes thoughts (and a lot of shoes) but I will start with I do not get rid of comfortable walking shoes unless they are worn beyond wear, or actually elicit a sense of yuck in me (spark anti-joy?). But I have no shame !

I agree that you want to be cautious but it seems like the ones you posted have pretty good reasons to let go. I love the Naots and think they are worth trying to make work. I also love the gold but you say you have newer ones that replace them so they should probably go.

Lisa, I'm kind of just echoing prior comments, but I agree that anything uncomfortable, etc. should definitely go. I would also be mindful of over-purging though ... if I edited my closet based on the last few months I'd have about 6 pieces of clothes So basically echoing the 'go slow' sentiment ...

Yes to ditching all uncomfortable shoes, and I don't think you should have to suck up anything if it doesn't feel right. I do really like the gold sandals, and so do you, so why not hang onto those - even if only to wear when the ones that are newer wear out? They look classic to me.

What Helena and Brooklyn said. And I'm also being slow about getting rid of things that are not currently worn, IF I still like them, they fit and look good and are comfortable, and may be useful someday, post-pandemic (whenever that may be for us poor sods in the US). I'm not as concerned about trendy/current as I was last year.

This little closet edit was a good thing ! Spur-of-the-moment (still can't find my black Birks) and I made a mess doing it, but now I have all of my summer shoes in one place, and have put the ones I'm no longer wearing in a donate bag. Thanks for all the smart comments here - and I'm humbled . Now if I can just stop myself from buying duplicates, I'll be in good shape

This brings my editing projects up a notch, now having done underwear and pyjamas, jeans , purses and totes, and now shoes. I'm leaving the rest until it's time to pack away my summer stuff, although thrift shops don't want summer clothes in September. Hmm.

You're spurring me on here yet again to get myself upstairs and check out my sandals situation.

I find my feet to be even more fussy in the summer and I'm always on the hunt for something stylish and comfortable which seems elusive . This leads me to desperation buying and I have so many sandal mistakes hiding upstairs. I just purchased a pair of flat but comfortable sandals because I was heading to Lake Ontario last weekend and I was desperate, they are NOT stylish I might add. I tend to hang on to footwear "just in case " which isn't good as when the time comes I decide I hate them and go out to replace with another not perfect pair.
I really like the Dolce Vita sandal and the Naots which I note you decided to keep. Also think the 4 hour wear is a good idea

Sounds like a good result with the pairs in the donate bag. Now to not make the mistakes again...
So firstly, don’t buy anything because the forum likes it! - such as the forum being mad on white last summer.
And secondly, the baby blue Eccos and the orange- cute things can be admired and then left in the store. As a mad shoe lover I use my Styletread wish list as more like eye candy than anything else, and items may lurk on there for a year or so until either something else catches my eye or they sell out- in which case I agree with Vildy, another one will be along in a minute. Being very aware of how many I already have and am trying to wear helps temper my desire to add more, unless I am very very sure.