I'm having a rare day off today, and because I have been unable to find my favourite black patent/subtle- sparkle Birkenstocks this summer, I've emptied out my closet - literally - and shoe storage bags in one last-ditch effort to find them.

I am simply HORRIFIED by the amount of summer footwear I own. My poor husband's jaw literally dropped when he inadvertently stepped into the bedroom to see what I was doing . Thankfully he said nothing ,but my shame is real. I knew I had a lot, but have no idea what to do about it.

This spring and summer, like most of us I suspect, I bet I've only worn a 10th of my shoes/sneakers/booties/sandals. There has been no place to to go and no reason to wear any of them other than the 3-4 pair I have in rotation right now. I have too many duplicates of sneakers and sandals that just create a splitting of wears.

Is editing and culling during a pandemic a bad idea? Part of me wants to be ruthless and practical and get rid of all of this , but the other part wonders if doing it this summer is not a good idea. (i.e. overreacting, bad time to judge what is going to get worn or not etc)

Here are my issues: lack of storage, and a lot of shame over owning these many shoes. Many of them are hardly worn (I don't hang on to worn out footwear or those that are dated) and were bought on deep discount, or on the spur of the moment . Several are not great colour choices for where I want my style to go (white , pale pink for example).

Advice or suggestions ?

p.s.this is not a quarterly meltdown. I'm in full control of my senses.