Some items sit in my closet and don't get worn. I have decided that certain ones will stay because they have a particular value to me. Others are not valuable and actually leave me feeling blah or worse.

1/ Black Harem type pants. I bought these in the summer hoping to replace a beloved pair that had worn out. They are not the ones. They are pretty, overly baggy and the material is too hot for our summers.

2/ J. Crew Scarf. I liked the orange foxes. So cute. Never worn. I don't really wear cute things. And I never wear blue.

3/ Lululemon hoodie. Mine is a gorgeous limey grassy green. But it is too big. I look like a green marshmallow.

4/ James Perse cream shirt. No, I can not wear sloppy things. They fall off my shoulders. I need to write this on my wallet.

5/ James Perse peach T-shirt. I don't really like pastels even if they are related to orange. I need to write this on my wallet.

6/ Silver Fly Sandals. Sadly, my footwear options are very limited. I wore these once. They don't make the cut.

7/ Paige Porter jeans. Brand new with tags. Sob. Sob. I bought off ebay hoping to replace my other ones. No. The rise was too low.

8/ Purple Sweater. Tags are still on a few years later. No, I am not going to wear purple.

9/ Purple Jeans. When you put a pair of jeans on and take them off multiple times what does that say?

10/ Blue/black Trippen Combat Boots. I don't want to talk about it.

I am hoping to sell some of these items and some of them I will donate.

Lessons learned:

1/ Stick to the tried and true colour palette.
2/ Footwear is for me is very limited. I know what works now. Go with it.
3/ Certain silhouettes are working. Stay with them.