OK, I'm officially retracting all my negative comments about slouchy pants, faux-tucks, and rolled, cropped legs.

While on a flying trip to Vancouver last week, I had a couple of free hours that I spent looking around the stores. Somehow a pair (well, to be honest, a couple of pairs) of on-sale, Gap, broken-in khakis (sized up as instructed) ended up in my suitcase for the trip home. It took a bit of fiddling in front of the mirror, but, using Angie's guidelines for rolling those army green khakis to the correct length, adding a slouchy white top and my red, wedged espadrilles as per instructions from the post on how to wear camo, and using Angie's faux-tuck with a belt to keep everything together, I sauntered downstairs yesterday morning. After a startled look, my DH said "Hey, I like that--you ought to wear that more often!".

OK, I am brought to my knees, offering humbled apologies all around to all of you who have shown me how to wear these pants with your inspirational pictures and, of course, to Angie, who gives all those essential tweaks that make it possible for a 60+ woman to wear the latest fashions without feeling foolish. I'm now totally smitten with this look for my casual, hang-around-the-house days this spring. By the way, my husband also told me that I ought to listen to Angie and the YLF crowd in the future instead of being so set in my ways, so I'm promising to behave better in the future.