It's finally spring! Daffodills are out, bike tires pumped up, bow restrung, and boat permit in progress

This year one of my goals is to add more non-black neutrals. The first 4 finds are new this month. Wearing the first top, the pants, the cognac sandals, the cardi (not really needed, it's over 60), and bag today.

The 2 tops are BR. The first is very close to a nude to me, but a bit lighter than skintone. I'm in my winter pallor now, so it will be a little more contrast later in the season.

The second is a little loose at the armholes, so will have to take it up. It's so rare to find brown satin so it stays. I tried on the skirt in satin too but would be better on those with a smaller backside :/

The pants are the FOTFs, duplicated from the black. They run a bit long. I bought the 27in, but they're just above ankle length.

And of course, more Birkies. Luckily to find anything available in gold RN. They look more refined to me than the Arizonas, cause the strap placement, though will need more breaking in than the Siena Hex's.

The leopard and the beige sandals are going back. The leopard has a weird plasticy strap in the middle. Not so nice when it's 90s and humid. The beige rubbed wrong on my very slanty toes. Onward!

In "use it up" updates, still slogging through the cosmetic samples. It'll be years at this rate.