I've been adding a few warm earthtones this year to some I've had for a while so I thought I'd share my collection. It's just now getting cool enough to consider wearing some of them. I will mostly pair the tops with blue jeans or my dark camo crops or the embroidered cargos.

There are some nice browns in the stores this season but I still haven't found a perfect deep dark chocolate top, and that's been a HEWI for me. It has to be cotton or cotton blend to satisfy my weather here. But even if I were to look for silk or rayon, I've come up empty on this color.

I considered adding a new cognac bag but I've been loving my tan bag so much (and really don't need another bag) I decided to stop the search for now and just use what I own. If I happen upon one I *must* own, then I'll reconsider.