Maybe this is more of a sentimental post than a fashion one, but to me fashion is always about feeling, so here it goes.

I recently decided to watch Gilmore Girls from the start (I had only seen it sporadically when it was on). The first season is from Fall 2000, and I found myself in love with most of the outfits. I was in my mid-20s then, so those were my fashions too when I came of age.

With some wistful nostalgia I decided to google "Gilmore Girls fashion" and to my surprise I found a lot of disparaging reviews from recent years, along the lines of "what were we thinking in the early 2000s".

Now, I know it's normal to have poison eye for the fashions of an immediately preceding generation (in the 90s people hated tapered baggy pants... in the 2000s people hated grunge... in the 2010s people hated bootcuts and low waists... etc.), so I believe that part of the reviews are just a case of period-specific poison eye.

But it made me wonder: is there something timelessly or universally bad about those fashions? Does it mean I have bad taste if I still find those looks flattering and appealing? To be honest, I would still wear several of those styles and proportions from the early 2000s.

Curious to know what you all think...

Below are links to the articles. And also pictures of some of the outfits.

Articles: This one is the most scathing (also terribly written):

This is more mixed:

PS. I love the purple dress in pics 2 and 4, but one of the reviewers dismissed it so meanly. What's so wrong about it?...

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