@brooklyn - waistcoats are actually pretty easy to make. Bernadette Banner is a researcher and experimenter of ‘original practice’ methods, and so does things the hard way! Mask making has lead to more sewing, and I’ve been tailoring some of my garments for better fit. This lead to sewing tutorials, which in turn lead to vintage vloggers like Bernadette, Rachel Makesy, Karolina Zebrowska (hilarious!), etc.

And yes, I’m going to make a waistcoat. Once I source a pattern, I’m going to see if I can thrift the fabric!

RC, I am impressed! Can't wait to see it.

TG, thanks! We call them vests too. But I know vests sometimes describe a broader group of items. I think in the UK it can mean a singlet/tank top and here is can mean a longer gilet. I'm really after the shorter ie waist length variety.

Thanks Anne!

I bought a couple from Massimo Dutti this year, andMax Mara had some too. Not brocade, though.

How did I miss this post? I adore them!! HUGE YAY from me. I wore them like crazy in the 90s and would wear again in a heartbeat.

You look terrific in the Zara one and of course you have styled it well, but if it doesn't feel like "the one" then I'll bet if you hold out another option will appear.

Interesting that people have found versions all over...let's hope it is a real thing. I can see them being very useful for Zoom meetings. Interesting up top, a bit professional (depending on styling) but not as restrictive as a jacket.

Yay for waistcoats. I wore them until the 2010's and just have been reticent to wear mine because they are a bit small right now and they are more winter weight.
I like the way you styled yours but you'll be the judge if it feels 'the one'.
My grandmother made one for me in the 90's( see photo)

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Thanks Celia and Suz. There are a few of us ready for the return of this look! I wouldn't mind a plaid version either. Or a pinstripe. And I agree it suits the WFH model because it's so easy to wear.

Thanks Jessi. No Massimo Dutti here alas. And Max Mara is hard to come by. But the fact that you have seen them at retail suggests that they are indeed coming back.

Such a great piece for you Brooklyn!!! I used to have a woven silky brown one in the 90s that I wore a lot.
Have you looked secondhand? Even in men’s? I can’t weigh in on making one, but hope you will report back if you try!