Who wore a waistcoat in the 90s or the 00s? *hears cheers of YAY from the forum*

Who wears a waistcoat now? *hears the sound of crickets chirping*

I’m talking the masculine, cropped, fitted, suiting style waistcoat. Not a moto vest, denim vest or the longer gilet style that was a forum trend.

Waistcoats were a big part of my style in the 90s. About 2 years ago when I dabbled in “dark romance” I became interested in revisiting the style. But they are not around here in Australia at all. And I can’t recall seeing anyone wear one here on the forum. Maybe Rachy? Ready to be corrected by any waistcoat fans

A few weeks ago I stumbled on this Zara version and I was so happy I ordered it straight away. It’s closer to the shrunken minimalist version worn by Kate Moss in the early 00s than the more ornate brocade versions of the 90s.

My “vision” was to wear it in a menswear style as shown in my pics. In warmer weather I’d like to wear it more like pic 5 (Vuitton).

The issue:

It’s a knit. I prefer the feel of a knit to a woven, so I thought that would be an advantage. It is comfortable to wear but the disadvantage is that it doesn’t look good open (to my eye). It loses structure. It really needs to be at least partially buttoned up.

So I’m wondering if I’d get enough wear out of it when it has to be styled this way. Open styling gives more options. I really like pic 6 (open over a dress).

I’m leaning towards returning it and holding out for a woven in a silk brocade. I might go for lapels.

My questions:

*For the sewers: would a waistcoat be hard to make? If I went to a dressmaker would I need to find and supply a pattern? I thought this would be a good way to give a local person some work in these days when lots of people need work. I could get something closer to my “vision” and not have to wait another 2 years.

*For everyone: any thoughts or ideas on how to wear a waistcoat in the 2020s? I have no plans to wear it with tiny shorts like the lovely Kate but I’m open to other ideas.


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