I wear tees a lot in summer here in Texas. I like to find different shapes, colors, styles to keep it interesting. But as much as I like to have options, sometimes it just doesn't make sense to buy the same item in another color (for me at least). Often, I end up only wearing my favorite of the two and the second one feels like a mistake.

I decided this particular tee from Garnet Hill might be an exception so I ordered it in two colors to try. When I received them yesterday I first tried on the coral colored one - and I immediately didn't like it at all. It is a slightly lighter color in person and made me feel washed out. I also didn't like what it looked like on my upper arms. I'm in good shape but the color and sleeve style certainly did me no favors. I almost opted to not even try on the teal colored tee! But then when I did, I was surprised at how much more I liked it in teal. The contrast with my skin tone was so much more flattering on the upper arms, the color goes with my eye color and overall it just felt so much more right.

Lesson (re-learned) for me - to be happy with a style in one color since I do crave variety in my wardrobe anyway and ultimately the lesser favorite color languishes on a hanger.