Angie has talked about duplicating exact items several times and for me it makes really good sense. When you find something you love and begin wearing it often, you know that it will not last forever - sometimes only through one or two seasons and that means the search has to begin all over again, UNLESS you duplicate the item.

For me, footwear can take a beating since I often am walking on rugged rocky roads and such. My white Ecco sneakers have become easy fall/winter favorites since our weather is so mild and I only need a covered shoe, not a particularly warm one most of the time. I searched for a very long time to find the perfect white sneaker for me so today I decided to go ahead and order a duplicate pair so I won't feel lost when the current pair begins to show too much wear.

While I was at it, I decided to try a few sandals for the warm spells we still have even in fall and for next spring/summer. The Ecco Damara sandals I have in a slightly different version already - so these are somewhat of a duplicate as well but in a two-toned slightly varied design. The Felicia is just a new one to try out as is the Clarks navy sandal. I tried a platform navy sandal from Clarks earlier this year and unfortunately it hasn't really worked out for me, so hopefully this lower heeled version might work better. I love the idea of having a pair of navy sandals.

Our warm season is very long - most of the year in fact - so I have to have a wide range of sandals to keep my feet and myself happy and interested in summer dressing.

Now I just wish a few of my favorite jeans were still available so I could duplicate them!