As I think you know, I have the Halogen pencil skirt in pretty much every color and wear one of them (either in wool or the cotton blend) at least 3 days a week. I love them to distraction and have never regretted duplicating. (My only regrets are the ones that got away!)

And as you know, I wear a jacket to work pretty much every single day.

Well. I am always on the lookout for lightweight summer blazers and I found one that's a winner -- this Olivia Moon 3/4 sleeve number from Nordstrom. I ordered it in four colors and darned if I don't want to keep all of them! Oatmeal because I've been looking for a plan tan blazer forever, navy because my navy ponte blazer is too warm for the hottest summer days, white because a white blazer is invaluable in the summer and the two I have are starting to show wear/dirt, and gray because I've been looking for a plain gray blazer forever and the super light gray Theory version I got at Shoptoberfest isn't quite doing the job due to the super light color and double-breasted style.

So... would it be dorky to keep all four, give that I'm a proud uniform dresser and don't really care who knows it? Or should I return one or two or three of them and keep looking for a slightly different style to fill some of those holes?