Some great looks in this thread!

I am "overall curious" myself, if I may phrase it like that I have never yet owned or wore a pair, but I like the aesthetic.

The ones I have tried on have made me feel like a flight mechanic, or a toddler. But I recognize some women can really make them look intentional and elegant. Like the examples presented over me here!

Zaeobi,a chameleon bust !That s a new expression for me for sure.
Mirjanna,you certainly prove that age is just a number with y our own wonderful style.
Synne,yes l am very wary of the overgrown toddler vibe myself hence this thread but something keeps drawing me back to them so l think l will just try a pair on and see rather than keep speculating about them.

Wow, I'm in the USA and I never knew that in parts of the world, "dungarees" refers to what I have always called overalls...and coveralls, or what we fashionably now call jumpsuits, have sleeves. Dungarees were what we used to call blue jeans back in the day, like in the 60's. I love learning this! And I think it can be a great look at any age, whatever we call them. Have fun with it!

What RoseandJoan said. Go for it!

Judy,this forum is not just where we learn about style is it,it’s also like a cultural exchange which to my mind is all good.
Brooklyn,thank you .

What a great thread! I thought I might not do them (overalls to me) except for the ancient pair of overall shorts that are paint-stained and that I keep around for... um, painting, and also my annual tomato-canning fest, which is very hot work.

However, I have to say thanks to kkards for links to those two blogs that I will now be sure to follow, and between those and the other posts here, I am suddenly very intrigued by a dark or black pair! Something chic about them! And I think all these women pull off all their various colors with great style.

Also wanted to chime in with another style icon's vote for them, Andrea Linnett. If you search "overalls" on her blog she's got lots of thoughts.

Haha I just made up the term 'chameleon bust' but I think you get the idea It's frustrating being on the cusp of *everything* sometimes but eh, you only get one body - I may as well make peace with mine

Anyway, I got rid of a multicoloured breton striped top recently precisely because of the 'overgrown toddler' vibe - the forum assured me it did not look that way, but I just couldn't shake it. Not beating myself up about it too much though, since I couldn't have known I'd feel like that until I tried it. So in that vein, I support your 'trial & error' dungarees/ overalls/ coveralls/ whatever

Who knows, I may even join you in that endeavour - if I can find a pair of dungarees/ coveralls/ overalls with true waist definition

Lesley,thanks for the link,l will look into it.Like you l have found Kkards links fascinating reading on the subject.
Zaeobi,l totally relate.l love a striped Breton myself but l can see where you are coming from.

You're making me nostalgic for my Osh Kosh B'gosh overalls that I wore until they were rags!

Chewy spaghetti,Prehaps you need some new ones!