With Mr. K out of town I am spending some quality time in my closet trying to get a travel capsule together for my upcoming trip to Asia. It is a three-week trip that will include both colder weather in North Vietnam and Japan, and very warm, humid weather along the Mekong River and in Ho Chi MInh City. In order to make it manageable I have decided to think of it in terms of a one-week cold weather capsule, and a one-week warm weather capsule.

On our last few trips there haven't really been any constraints on the amount of luggage I could take, so I've gotten used to traveling, uh, heavy. This trip I really want to stick to one big bag, for a variety of reasons, so I want to travel as light as possible.

The photos below are my first draft of the cold-weather and warm-weather capsules, but it still seems like a whole lotta clothes!

Which brings me to my dumb question: When you are putting together a travel capsule for, say, a week-long trip, how many times do you plan on wearing each piece? How many tops and bottoms would you take for a week?

Help, friends! my head is spinning~

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