I am seeing drop shoulder items everywhere. I have an IT build and I do not like this look on me. I do think it looks better on narrower shoulders.

It does suit some

I like a dropped shoulder. My blush coat that I wore out had a dropped shoulder, I loved its 1960’s vibe. In my opinion, this lookrequired good tailoring to get right. When it is right, it is a thing of beauty.

I have just realised, my new coat is dropped shoulder and I love the lines, I don't feel sloppy in this at all.

Not a fan. They make my shoulders look droopy.

My shoulders are kind of normal size and bust is small and I usually like drop shoulder styles - this is one of my favorite tops (one of a rare few tops I enjoy in 2 different colors - green and deep burgundy). I have several drop shoulder tops.

Dropped shoulders on me have the same effect as FashIntern mentioned: droopy shoulders. Even worse, they make my chest look droopy and my hips wider. Somehow they even seem to make my face look droopy. I'm short and they seem to make me look shorter. I do NOT need more droop.
However, my mom who was built similarly looked great in them!
It could also have to do with my aversion to many things 80's.

I am IT shape, small bust, and I find that dropped shoulders work very well on me to minimize the shoulder width.

I rather like them. So there you go. But raglan sleeves I can’t do.