Hi lovely ladies,

Most of you will not remember me because I haven’t posted here in years. Personal circumstances took me away from YLF for a long while but I have continued to lurk when I’ve found the time! Now I am back with a dilemma that I hope you can help me solve.

My SO lives in a lovely area, within walking distance to downtown, the lakeshore, and many restaurants. We like to eat at those restaurants. And sometimes before or after dinner, we like to stroll around the lake.

Generally we prefer to walk to dinner. It’s pleasant, it’s romantic, it’s good for the environment, and we don’t have to worry about our alcohol consumption. However. Occasionally we are more dressed up. Sometimes I’m wearing a cocktail dress. And on those occasions, we drive, because I’m wearing dressy heels that just do not lend themselves to excessive walking.

He says surely there is a shoe out there that will satisfy both requirements – dressy enough to go with a dress like this: http://www.guess.ca/en/Catalog.....61GDHP1156 yet comfortable enough to walk 3 km in, outside, over pavement and sidewalks. Does such a thing exist? He tells me he’s willing to pay if I can find something that fits the bill :). So tell me what you think please! I could really use your help!