I'm looking for advice/wisdom about dressing when dealing with medical issues. I recently had major knee surgery (which went well!) and the only non-sweatpants I can wear at the moment are leggings and my one pair of boyfriend jeans. Everything else is uncomfortable, so I'm extremely limited right now in my wardrobe options. Add to it that I'm coming into summer with a nine inch scar that will show every time I wear shorts/dresses and I'm feeling a little self-conscious.

I was wondering how others have dealt with this type of issue. How much do you let medical issues become a defining feature in how you dress? Do you ignore it as best you can, try to hide/downplay with clothing, or somewhere in between? Do you buy some new clothing to address comfort/fit issues, even if it's only for a short term? I'd appreciate any wisdom you ladies have.

ETA: I am a bit self-conscious about the scar so I really appreciate all the support, but I also appreciate everyone's advice and suggestions about dealing with comfort and fit while the injury is still sensitive/healing.