Hi all! I can't be the only one trying to figure out how to cover myself up this summer to avoid Zika/mosquitoes. I'm looking for long pants and long sleeve shirts that I can spray with Permethrin so I don't have to slather myself with Deet constantly. Suggestions?

(Backstory: I'm planning to be pregnant, with the help of fertility treatments- so I weirdly know the 'date' in a way I didn't with my last pregnancy. [Secondary infertility.... I thing I didn't know existed.] Who knows, yadda yadda, but I'm assuming that it'll work- which is what my dr thinks, so it's not just wishful thinking!)


-I was thinking Zella pants (not leggings). (Link below.) Super athleisure, which isn't really me, but- I think it's my best choice?

-Maybe the Caslon linen pants that Sterling posted today? The issue is that baggy pants like that don't flatter my pear/hourglass body, AND I'm short-waisted so tucking in is usually not ideal.

-I will probably wear my KUT Diana skinny jeans (in gray, dark blue, and mint), which are hot for Texas summers but not unbearable.

-Long sleeved bUT not hot and not frumpy. Eek. So far, I've thought that Rash guards are a good option. Below are some links from Amazon. (This will not be something I wear much in the future, so I don't want to spend much on them.)

-Maybe a very lightweight cardigan? Any suggestions for good ones?

- HATS! I bought approximately 20 hats (sigh) yesterday to try on (I'll return 18 or so). I want to wear them so that I can avoid Deet around my face/head as much as possible. The smell is not awesome.
- I want to wear shoes that cover up my feet, again to minimize Deet usage. I'm thinking Converse All-Stars and Tom's.


- My hips are no joke. I'm also at a higher weight than I'm thrilled with (fertility issues --> stress/sadness ---> eating too much).

-I'm short-waisted, with relatively wide shoulders. I usually look better with scoop or V-necks, and I pretty much need either a petite top (for the length and proportions, including armhole placements) or a tunic.

-I'm NOT looking for investment pieces! Fast-fashion is going to be my friend (I hope). I love my Zella City Shorts, so I'm thinking having Zella pants will make me happy enough that I'm fine with spending $75 on something I might not wear very frequently later.

-I work a lot and have a preschooler, so I need to do most of my shopping online.

-I'm not super concerned with being super stylish... but I also don't want to resign myself to a frump-tastic giving up, which is my general inclination. (I've fought it for the last year and a half, with the help of YLFers!)

-Comfort matters, because I'm expecting to feel pretty crappy in my first trimester.

Suggestions? Advice? Pictures?

All help much appreciated!!!

PS I'm not really talking much about the fertility stuff with people in my real life, so putting this out there is pretty intense for me.