Angie's blog post was right up my alley except I'm in the wrong hemisphere at the moment. I mentioned on one of Sal's spring posts that I am not really into summer this year ...maybe because of the lockdown and I tend to spend summer in tanks and shorts anyway. My lockdown shopping has ended and I have ended up with a collection of skirts and more winter clothes! I managed to thrift a mohair blend sweater and a new denim jacket. I wanted a more fitted jacket so I went down a size but wonder if it is fitted is a nice buttery stretchy material and a lighter blue than my other but not as fitted as I imagined. My final addition is the boots. I thought next winter I would get another pair of stompy boots as I have worn my brown ones about 80% of the days in winter and I kept eyeing up other peoples. I was going to get a pair of docs but was struggling with the sizing in terms of UK sizing and not being able to try them. I found a pair of boots in a brand I knew and I could click and collect. I know this brand is generally comfortable as I have other shoes in this brand and have worn them to pieces literally. Am I too old at 50 for stompy boots? These are new...I can take them back. Comments and suggestions welcome? .
pic 1 trelise cooper skirt and mohair blend jumper
pic 2 boots
pic 3 skirt (seed) and jumper (old)
pic 4 denim jacket and skirt (seed)
pic 5 black skirt and moto ( I actually wore this on a day that was surprisingly winter like)

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