I'm traveling to NZ for a few weeks around Christmas/New Years and I know there are some NZ fabbers on the forum who will be able to give me some advice about dressing for the (upside down) season: Sal and Jenni, I'm looking at you!

I will be attending a casual daytime wedding in Sandspit, spending a week trekking near Queenstown/Mt. Aspiring, celebrating NYE in Auckland, and traveling to Rotorua and elsewhere on the North Island with friends after the holidays.

I'm posting my planned wedding outfit in Finds: what will I need in terms of a topper?

Near Auckland, highs seem to be around 75F/25C and temps don't fall too low in overnight, so very pleasant but not hot? And it's a bit cooler father south. Does that sound right?

I'll bring a technical rain jacket for our treks, but what kind of topper do you recommend for everyday? Is a trench coat overkill?

Thanks so much!