Last night I attended a concert at Rugter's University. My son is in the wind ensemble (top tier) high school band and this was an honors band invitational performance. Our HS band has a uniform the school rents black tuxedos for the boys and long black skirt, black top and pearls for the girls. After the HS bands had completed their performances one of Rutger's symphonic bands took the stage. Right in front first row was a very pretty young woman playing the oboe. She was a soloist and had quite a large part, but other instruments also had a featured prominent solo. Rutger's dress code was clearly black pants, tops, shoes for everyone. No one other than this girl, was in a blazer including the conductor. The pieces below are exact on the outfit (I know that's totally pathetic that I recognized the jacket). Although she was technically following the dress code her outfit, esp the Louboutins, were riveting. Although the blazer made sense to keep her arms free while she played, she was constantly adjusting it and the slits of her pants which extended to low mid thigh required attention frequently. IOW it was fussy. I'm very torn about how I felt about her outfit. Bands are ensembles and I ended up staring at her, figuring out what she was wearing during the entire performance. (BTW every other woman was either in ballet flats. There were no exceptions that I could see.) Not just because it was unusual but because it required adjustment. OTOH, as an artist making herself prominent must be very helpful. Everyone noticed her. She as excellent and played well, but she set herself so far apart sartorially from the norm, that my personal impression was a "don't." Any one of those pieces, the shoes, pants or jacket individually would have attracted notice drawing the eye and getting the job of standing out done. "See I"m pretty awesome, I play well, have a great wardrobe, please feature me again" notice. But all three pieces together felt like a slap to the other ensemble members and soloists that she was other, with them but clearly in a different class. I was interested if people thought that was a fair assessment. I think dressing to stand out subtly was fine, but in this context the outfit went too far.