I haven’t been shopping in stores much at all, and only a bit online, but is anyone else finding dresses very difficult this year? I feel like I’m singing the same old tune over and over, but the color schemes, prevalence of ruffles and tiers and ditsy prints, shorter hemlines, etc, are all making the search for a casual summer dress to add to my collection a challenge! In the stores and online, so many things seem aimed at either someone who works in an office or needs occasion wear, or on the flip side, young women who can wear either bodycon or spaghetti straps and slip dresses or styles with midriff and back cutouts.

I did try this dress from Anthro. It’s not my usual color palette but I like the change, as long as the color isn’t downright unflattering on me. I can adjust the shoulders to create the right effect, which is really nice to compensate for my uneven shoulders (some wider sleeveless styles seem to emphasize this).

The dress is stupidly expensive for what it is, but heck, if the pickings are this slim for this summer, I’m ok with paying more for just one good dress. I do like that it has pockets too! It’s a bit boho, but I do go a little boho-lite in summer, so it’s not a far reach for me.

There was an issue with the one I received though: the bodice was sewn crookedly, so the neckline was uneven, with one side not sitting correctly. I debated having it altered to fix the problem, and then decided to try ordering another one to see if a new one didn’t have the same issue. So we’ll see how that goes.

I didn’t take pics when I tried it on, but I’ll share if the replacement seems good.

Anyone finding any good casual midi/maxi dresses this year, that can be worn with a real bra? Something with some interesting cut or detail? Nothing bodycon. Not black — I already have solid black dresses and don’t need them to dominate my summer wardrobe.