Best to work in offices with mostly women! Unlike men, we can dress appropriately for the heat

No problem, Anchie. My white poncho from the Find I included stays at my desk year round. I need summer layers to survive here, since it's hot outside and on subway platforms, but freezing in the office and in the subways (unless the a/c is broken in the subway car). I also like a cropped cardigan or jean jacket over dresses in the summer - though I often have to wear the latter around my waist on my commute.

Some dresses for the weekend! And skirts with layers for work.

Angie - so you think that skirts would be better option then either dresses or pants?

Hmmm, I am more optimistic you can find something for summer/spring. I wear dresses most days to work. I live in a very hot climate, and have variable air con in my beautiful heritage building - some days it is freezing inside, other days the aircon just gives up trying and it's hot inside!
Sleeveless dresses layer well with both jackets and cardigans, so I rely on them to deal with summer aircon. You just have to get the length right on the jacket to make it work.
I might also keep a few pairs of shoes at work, so if I get cold I can switch from sandals (essential for the commute, it is often steamy!) into something with a closed toe.

Anchie, it's easier to layer more warmly with skirts and pants than dresses.

I absolutely LOVE #2 and 3. I have been contemplating buying #2 and would love to know who or what site #3 is from. Along with the poncho suggestion - I purchased this shawl to keep in my office for when I get cold. I have worn cardigans many years ago but got very burned out on them. I also wear blazers over dresses sometimes at work. This shawl is neutral and something new for me that I have enjoyed. Its very warm too.

+1 on the office poncho/shawl. My team calls mine my “blankie” which is just fine with me. If they are going to crank up the a/c, I see no problem with wrapping up in an extra layer for the day!

Wow, I love #s 1, 3 & 5!

- Not too summery/springy to me but I run warm & live in a subtropical climate.
If I lived somewhere colder, I’d still rock them with hoisery/coat/topper ...

Anchie I like the dresses you have selected and agree that given your air-conditioning at work, you will need toppers or some sort of cover up. I tend to wear cropped jackets or capes in summer with my dresses. My cropped toppers are in finds.

Whilst sheath dresses are often harder to fit, but when you get them right, they are such a simple work dress solution and can be paired with jackets of different lengths. I enjoy midi dresses too, but find that with extra volume in the skirt, the jacket needs to be very cropped so that my waist is still defined - jackets 1 and 2 are best for this.

I think the yellow one and the blue/white stripe one would look really pretty on you, but I hear you on the arctic office. I also can't STAND to be cold - especially in the summer.

I kept a lap blanket in my pod at my office and a space heater under my table, so the only time I was cold was in the conference rooms - are you allowed to keep a space heater under your desk?

Wow, nr 5 is best of all-you can wear with other shoes for work! The first 3 are also great for an office! Others good for casuals, great finds, can't wait to see them on you!