The three bell sleeved dresses had been in my holding zone for the last few years, and got rehomed yesterday. None of them had been worn more than a few times, cause they were really too short/bodycon and partyish to be professional. The black one was the only one that fits now, but was waaaayy too short on it's own but too long to look right as a tunic over leggings.

In reality, if I'm going to wear a dress in colder weather, it will be for presentations or networking events, when I want to look more serious. I'm not going out of my way to party in cold weather! The eggplant purple wrap dress is not only more serious looking, but more forgiving of body changes. Plus it's easier to layer, since it doesn't have bell sleeves. While I would prefer a longer dress that's more covered on top, this is ok for now.

For holiday events, where I would have worn the green dress, I bought this velvet maxi skirt. It's warmer cause it's longer, and I can pair it with the black sheer sleeve sweater for colder days or the bronze sleeveless top if it's warm. It can be 30 or 70 degrees in December here!