Dear Fabbers,
I have not been active here for a while, it is a really busy time at work at the moment. On top of everything, I am going on a business trip next week - a big event with many official visits to government, a parliament etc. Weather will be very hot, around 30 - 35 degrees Celsius. Dress code for most of the meetings is "formal". In the evenings there will be a reception in a garden one evening, an opera visit another evening and a gala dinner the last evening.... 
It will be fun and interesting, BUT I am concerned about my outfits. There are several issues:
1. I do not like warm weather and warm weather clothes - my summer wardrobe is much smaller than my usual.... (and that is an understatement  
2. I do not wear dresses and the few I have are rather casual shirt dresses. I rely on blazers and jackets and it is not possible in so hot weather...
4. I have "difficult" feet, so heals are not an option.
3. I do not quite understand the dress code... formal is not very clear to me. "Formal" is the dress code for both the day time activities and the evening activities. 

So, what to do? I am thinking about wearing various satin trousers (I have these in a few colours) and combine them with dressier silk tops or silk blouses, add scarves or jewelry and work with accessories  for the evening events to make the outfits more "formal". Also dressy white and cream trousers. I bring several blazers for the daytime meetings and the conference part. The weather worries me though, I cannot imagine looking formal and presentable every day for a whole week in 35 degrees C (although I am sure there will be air conditioning in some places, but I know there is not in all...). I figured I need at least eight "formal" outfits .... help!

Sorry for all this "complaining" but after trying to plan my travel capsules, I am kind of really worried now....

Any thoughts or advice please?