Beautiful dress, beautiful outfit, beautiful Angie. And adorable Sam.

Awh love that you tempered the dressiness of the dress with a denim jacket-dress has an elegant length and swish- looks so beautiful on you-love pairing big amount of bright fuchsia with 2 close neutrals: brigh white shoes/specs and light blue bag and jacket! Gorgeous!

Your fellow fashion crime fighter:

So pretty! Also,thanks for the bit about not saving outfits for special occasions. I have a red lace dress that needs more wear and there's no reason why it can't be worn to work.

Wow! You make me want to wear dresses every day! SO pretty, Angie! I can't help but smile when you look so radiant in your dress. YLF!

Such a wonderful dress on you. Your seamstressdid a great job in sizing it down.

Such a pretty special dress, but I think not everyone can pull off lace dress for everyday wear like you do.

That dress is pure happiness! The color is gorgeous, and you look great in it. Perfect!

Beautiful! What is that lovely knit top from picture 7?

Thanks for the awfully kind words, ladies. I'm smiling.

Joyce B, that's the top of the same dress

Jenni, I'm curling up my toes in that pic - hence it's doing that to the fit. The flats fit perfectly. See Pics.

Laura, go Team "80s!

Such a pretty colour combo!

Gorgeous and graceful!

You look so happy and bright it's making me smile LOVE the juxtaposition of the fit and flare dress with the oversized jacket!

Thanks for the lovely compliments, ladies. I'm blushing the colour of watermelon.

Another beautiful dress, Angie. I love the length and the color.

Thanks, Karie. Lovely to see you chime in.