Ooh, I love that zebra dress! It looks great on you! The new fuchsia bag is a fun color and really pops with the navy dress.

Wow. You're all so awfully kind and complimentary. Thank you so much! Of course, Sam steals the show.....

Scarlet, I have RSI. With all the packing/unpacking and moving ON TOP of everything - wrists and arms suffered. You're dead right.

Murph11, GOOD question. Was fine to go sans topper in the afternoon. In the morning I was with a client indoors so drove to her house. And I Ubered to the DFS fund raiser in the morning. Walking home later was comfy, sunny and warm. I wear a cami, knee-highs, and am covered which helps.

Laura, maybe you need to try the Zara dress

Bijou, HIGH FIVE. The few items I get at Zara last a really long time. This dress will be no different.

Karie, lovely to see you chime in.

Elizabeth, these types of outfit pics are the best I can do for now. Glad you like them.

So glad you are healing, Angie! Wonderful news.

And wow, I just love the zebra dress on you! Perfect summer coolness! What a score. I love the length and looseness. It looks gorgeous!

We might have been unknowing dress twins the other day! Except I need some cute white shoes like yours.

I really like that fun zebra print — since seeing actual zebras in the wild last fall, I’ve kind of had an eye out for a zebra print item for myself, but have not quite found the right thing yet. This is a really cool rendition.

The navy dress is simply perfect on you. You light up everything you wear.

So happy to hear that you're healing quickly. I just love the zebra dress...ladylike with a side order of edgy coolness! I have a much loved and probably now vintage Zara zebra print shirtdress that I won't give up without a fight. Really liking your accessories too, especially Sam "Supermodel" Cox.

I have not been on the forum as much as I like due to vacation and super busy at work and home. I am glad to hear you are beginning to heal and feel better. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I absolutely love your dresses and the way you put them together! its "eye candy" to me and I just love seeing how you put your outfits together. I love your fun poses too! I have the same white slingbacks and love them! Mine are beginning to wear some and I wish I had duplicated them. Oddly enough "summer" weather has yet to show up in my neck of the woods. I am anxiously awaiting "dress weather" so I too can enjoy dresses. sad face.

Oh I forgot to mention I love your hair! Its looking fabulous!

I'm glad that your arms and wrists are feeling better, Angie!

The zebra dress looks really great on you! I really love how Sam (and the bright accessories) look with the dress. The navy always looks classic and chic.

Taking pics this week of my dresses to post...finally exposed toe weather!

I love the Zebra dress, gorgeous Angie. It looks super on you. Lovely for hotter days too and lots of coverage! Sam is such a cutie and has such great hair too! YLF!:) And the Furlas!

Thanks for the awfully kind words, ladies. I'm blushing and your grace.

Suz, you look STUNNING in our dress. Waving at my twin!

Beauties! I see what you’re saying about dresses with movement. If you want a dress on par with pants/shorts, you have to be able to move well (take long strides), carry things, lift things, run and jog.

Could you even be any more adorable? I've been wearing my dresses for all sorts of active activities too. I mean, women worked HARD in long, full skirts for generations. Why not?

Keep healing. You look glamorous in your dresses and poses. Sam is adorable. Yes, Jenn, I remember my mother working very hard in a cute house dress and earrings and heels! She had no automatic washer and dryer. Washday meant a bluing sink for Dad’s white dress shirts, a hand wringer and a clothesline in the back yard. Often things needed rewashing due to a neighbor’s black walnut tree or bats. I learned very early to iron. My mother was grateful for electricity.

I’m glad you’re feeling better. You look so glamorous in the navy dress. I love your pops of color. And Sam - he goes with everything, doesn’t he?

Gorgeous, Angie. You are my dress muse!

Smittie, Jenn & Joy, YES. You get it. I was just thinking how women wore dresses to farm in way back when.....

Kelly, you're a honey pie.

JAileen, Sam is my muse.