I'm not an avant-garde dresser because I prefer structured movement, softer lines, and pretty pieces for my own style. That said, I've worn dresses over pants for decades and enjoy the look.

I seldom wear olive with black, but since my outfits are governed by my emotions - this is what I felt like wearing this morning. No logic and no reasoning. It just is what it is! White pearls and red accents make it feel right-for-me.

20C or 68F so it's much cooler today. Worked from home writing blog posts this morning, and it's errands and Sam walking this afternoon. I don't have a work from home look. I just wear what I feel like wearing and get to work

This COS dress is beyond body type. Anyone can wear it because the tent drapes to the shape of your body. I always wear it with leg covering like jeans or hose because it's short in front. Today, I'm wearing it over black skinnies. A black lace cami softens things up and adds the pretty. Red bag and shoes make me happy. The denim jacket has black sleeves to match the skinnies. Got to have some matchy-matchy.

No need to switcheroo since the loafers are walking shoes and the satchel converts to a crossbody. Outfits with movement and comfy shoes are all I need to give Sam the walk he wants. Sorted.

Have a lovely weekend. xo