After reading Carol's thread I got to thinking about what would be my dream outerwear collection...

For the purposes of this I am not talking about blazers or leather jackets but the top layer that are usually taken off inside.

My current collection is below (I do have one more puffer and one more raincoat - both only worn for exercising). I also have a school rain/puffer that I wear to support my son's rugby.

What would I add to make the perfect collection for me?
- knee length single breasted lightweight wool coat in camel or toffee or silvery heathered grey.
- my perfect trench in a warm camel (that's not likely as I don't have the right climate/lifestyle)
- a gorgeous velvet or heavy silk dressy coat for wearing to the ballet or theatre or opera in navy (also not likely)

In reality I will at some stage find the new single breasted coat but I am not looking for the trench or dressy coat.

How about you?